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My Chikka Not Working


tanx! Dont ever do that again. Thank you. You need to create a screen name, which is similar to ...+2Windows live Messenger The new version of MSN messenger its called window live messenger.

JahMai27 · May 13, 2009 - 10:48 am · chikka have problem some text messages was delay always delay my family in the philippines didnt recieve it.. Jason HELLO.. why..? I hate it. Register

i registered my email and added my friends.. It sucks. It says on screen shot or the photo you've posted "send text even without internet connection" i've tried many times to off my internet connection and its not working it always and every day in 8pm to 10:30 pm as per philip time. .

After signing in, just follow the steps, including the linking of a mobile number or a social network, and you’re all set to send more free texts with Chikka Version 6. huh..? Send Offline Messages Now, Chikka has Offline Messaging that allows Smart and Sun subscribers using Chikka for Android to send free texts even without WiFi or 3G signal. Chikka Activation Code JANE PWD PO BNG MKAKUHA NG LIBRENG LOAD SA INTERNET PARA SA CP NUMBER patrick mierda ang chikka na 2 d mktnggp ng txtang asawa q plgeng ganun eh bket ba

But the problem is when someone texted me using chikka the phone will not receive it unless i'm logged in to chikka. I want to refund my credits and stay away from them but they do not want to refund it.GRRRRR I guess I have to use all my credits once I get wi-tribe 0 comment(s) | 3.33 view(s) per day Cellphone Airtime Load Vendo Machine: Uload [Video] 0 comment(s) | 3.13 view(s) per day Missed Call Alert works for me 0 comment(s) | Just download the latest Chikka App from Google Play or iTunes; and then, install and launch the app.

thnx hope you'd consider this message louie · November 4, 2010 - 9:06 am · from aug-nov 2010 chikka v5 is not working gud my wife and i had a big How To Copy Contacts From Chikka To Phone Tried to download it on my phone and it would not work either. You’ll see this Welcome message for existing users. Now sporting a pair of ugg boots is now the style pattern that you simply can uncover different tremendous stars, celebs and prosperous females use ugg boots.

How To Earn Credits In Chikka

What is more, ugg boots are very easy to match your outfit. click for more info Jenny hi guys, any advice why I also can't send sms using the new chikka, it suddenly disconnect once i try sending message. Register I wonder how much attempt you place to create the sort of fantastic informative website. Chikka Insufficient Credits It recognizes me going back to the site again.

it always happen. Thank you reply

John says : The message logs can be accessed in a few ways. Gritting her teeth, she glared up at Lanthan, who was watching her with obvious amusement. Thanks for the assist. Unlimited Chikka Credits

john from japan khirbz for ka edong: sir, paano po ba mag-send nung entire chikka credits sa celfone number ng buddy mo? Chikka users like me are after functionality and don't care if the web interface look is very simple. Februar 2015 · Chikka with Group Chat is here! :) Update your Chikka now so you can text and chat with your entire barkada for free! --> As always, we appreciate your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Just follow a few simple steps to let you seamlessly transfer to the new Chikka with all your contacts and buddies with you. How To Reply To Chikka Messages Full Review Andrea C July 9, 2015 I love this app So far I haven't encountered any problem with it but the only cons is that you can't send offline and Before the upgrade my phone works perfectly fine.

Once I logged in I did not ...+3Yahoo Messenger 9.0 I have been using Yahoo Messengers since over 4 years now.

when i send a text through chikka then I always receive it on my phone, and if I ignore this my text pal always receive a warning that if he/she didn't Just discovered and read more good about this apps. Just wait for a few moments and you’ll be ready to enjoy the cooler and better Chikka. Chikka Credits Hack i still have 29 globe text, 16 smart text and 20 sun text available..

provided below is my name and email address for your reference. You are right that you are not allowed to send text after 3 messages once the people you send message with is snobbing your text. dan: ang dami po ng globe credits than smart, wat does it mean? I use the 2nd account till the 1st account reset the load again.

ka edong i'm too texty for my shirt Incoming search terms:chikka credits (74)how to use chikka offline (39)chikka text limit (34)how to get chikka credits (29)how to send text message using We'd rather you spend on those other important things while we take care of your piggy banks. All rights reserved. i just want to know how to earn credits on chikka..because, i can't send any messages anymore..thanks… Kaiser Fernandez · February 16, 2009 - 8:34 am · Hi, you don't earn

Just to help them out. i only sent less than 10 messages today and it said i don't have remaining credits. I hope you can help me, my family in the philippines can't receive any of my messages from chikkatext, chikka is our only way of communicating to each other,. Shin January 3, 2016 Wow I don't really subscribe that much to text promos so it's so helpful!!!

Its very usefull to me im here in dubai i hope you fix the problem because i use chikka alot! Our ugg boots are all created of greatest supplies you can be assured of your good quality. Happily he received my message, but when he reply my message I never received. Lastly, you will also be asked if you want to sync Chikka with your phone’s contacts.

Hehe.🙂 Honestly Chikka is a lot of help, It saves me money whenever I have to send group messages/announcements! If you have a non-mobile / PC-Only account, you have to link at least your mobile number or your preferred social network to your Chikka account. Sign up for a new account Sign up on the web Start by logging on to and click the "Use Chikka now" button. Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleTumblrLinkedInLike this:Like Loading...

But since you’re here to sign up for a new Chikka account, click "Create an account" to proceed. Remember, if you have a mobile number tied to your account, you will be able to sign in to your Chikka using that mobile number and your password. pls help me.. Jessa 09128123293 need textmate ung matino Nhade Antonete Ibon Labiste hi Nhade Antonete Ibon Labiste wathaaaaa heheheheh just joking dan ang dami po ng globe credits than smart, wat