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My Salt Chlorinator Is Not Working


This system includes the control, salt cell, and everything you'll need for installation and operation except the salt. If that does not correct the issue, you may have to replace a PCB for the display but not the Cell itself. Before replacing the cell, there are a couple things you can check that could be preventing chlorine production. The primary component of the control board is an internal circuit board.

Also be sure that no debris is trapped inside of the cell, some pool filter problems can release small debris. To find your pool's actual salinity, we recommend using AquaChek White Salt Test Strips. Regarding above ground pools, it’s debatable whether the low-maintenance aspects of the system outweigh the impact that the salt water has on the metal wall structure of the pool. Do you think my system is stuffed?

Salt Cell Not Producing Chlorine

If yours is a PL-PLUS system, the proper replacement PCB is GLX-PCB-PRO. Suggest away. Since the electrical and inner workings of the cell are covered, your unit should be fine and you should not need to replace anything.

Pools with algae problems or ineffective filters, can likewise create a high chlorine demand that salt cells may have trouble keeping up with. 4. Im my cell is failing and I found that my cell is no longer made. darwin hernandez Pool cell and power box got hot and none of the lights on the cell turned on Ken Hampshire My aquapure system is showing a low salt reading and How To Tell If Salt Cell Is Bad I understand their was some software change and the new cells are not compatible.

Brent I just replaced my Polairs Autoclear Plus Salt Cell and still can't get the system to produce chlorine. How To Test A Salt Water Chlorinator Cell PoolSupplyWorld Hi John, the low voltage is likely an indication of a bigger issue with either a bad transformer, back board or potentially even the cell. Some kinds are free-floating while others cling to walls. With the borrowed unit it appears to be generating chlorine even though the generating light is off.

The mineral reading was low and the "inspect cell" and "low minerals" indicator LED"s were illuminated a solid steady red light. Salt Water Chlorinator Cell Problems The reading on one of the systems continues to read "hot" even tho the water temp is in the upper 70s. PoolSupplyWorld Hi Jaime, error code 91 means there may be a problem with the temperature setting on your AutoClear Plus. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

How To Test A Salt Water Chlorinator Cell

We’ve found that within 4 to 5 years of installing a salt system that galvanized deck anchors will corrode to a point where it is difficult or impossible to remove the here How to Identify, Treat, and Remove Algae in Your Swimming Pool Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Problems and Solutions Swimming Pool Covers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly How to Choose Salt Cell Not Producing Chlorine Become a TFP Supporter! How To Tell If Salt Cell Needs Replacing See your owner's manual for more specific trouble shooting instructions. × Comments Email Guide Print Guide See All Steps × Things You'll Need Aqua Chek Select Test Strips Pool Salt Test

If your salt system is hardwired, variations in voltage could cause the controller to go a little haywire. It went to all green. Brush surfaces and vacuum weekly. It is very important to check the cell regularly for excessive buildup. How To Tell If Salt Water Generator Is Working

Or you could call the manufacturer directly at (410) 549-6083. If your salinity is high, you will need to drain your pool some and add fresh water to stabilize your salt level. You can easily plug the remaining port with a rubber stopper, which can be purchased at any local hardware store. The time now is 09:07 AM.

Just my luck. Salt Chlorinator Cell Voltage Thanks, and have a great day. I understand the T cell 15 is for 40,000 gals and is much more expensive.

Your situation should not be cause for alarm, though we do recommend monitoring your salt level regularly throughout the winter season.

Check for loose wire connections on terminals (with power turned off). So, wait until you have a nil reading of chlorine and then perform the test. If your salt cell is rated for 25000 gallons, and you actually have a 25000 gallon pool, it may have a hard time keeping up, especially in very cool or very How To Test Pool Salt Cell Step 2 "INSPECT CELL" LED - You may think something is wrong with your cell because the "Inspect Cell" LED suddenly came on.

KACE Tech Review 391 views 3:30 Cleaning a Zodiac Clearwater Salt Cell - Duration: 3:25. Saltwater pools can get algae just like traditional chlorine pools, so make sure to maintain proper chlorine and pH levels. Replacement T-Cell-15s do not include a flow switch. Home How To Guides How To Know When a Salt Cell is Bad - General Most Popular Swimming Pool Covers Swimming Pool Lighting Pool Waterfalls Salt Chlorine Generators Pool Pump Motors

Water passes through the cell and over solid titanium plates that are coated with either ruthenium or iridium, which are naturally occurring metals. Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1 31,405 views 6:10 Salt Water Swimming Pools - Myths & Truths you Need to Know - Duration: 5:31. Troubleshooting a Salt Chlorinator First, check power. If you're currently using a T-Cell-15, another of the same would be the proper replacement.

So try these things first, and you may not need a replacement salt cell, or new controller hardware. Often times, just looking closely at the circuit board can reveal a problem, when something looks burned or cracked.