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Nextgen Gallery Highslide Not Working

I truly enjoyed the dialog they provided in these books. Click save changes, and that should do it. It requires the page to reload for each image. The parameter "images" defines the number of images that will be show as thumbnails. October 10, 2014 at 8:34 am #489721 George Botsev Forum moderator Supporter languages: English (English) I think that this translation may not be possible due to the fact that you are news

Enable app step in my 2013 workflow How do I deal with my current employer not respecting my decision to leave? But I thought they were working in Safari 4 beta before the upgrade of NextGen, so something between them isn't working right. #7 | Written by Travis on April 7, 2009. Shortcode formats (in order below): [ monoslideshow id=1 w=450 h=350 ], [ monoslideshow id=1 w=510 h=340 preset='tv-swap' ], [ monoslideshow id=1 w=450 h=350 preset='sparkles' ], all without spaces before/after brackets. [monoslideshow id=38 w=510 So I guess it must be something to do with highslide + nextgen.My original question is, when you click on any image associated with highslide, the loading icon starts spinning,

Wrong path for hs.graphicsDir is the reason for the continuous Loading icon when clicking the image. Translated in plugin nextgen-gallery: 1) Image %1 of %2 Рfrom US to NL- Foto %1 van %2 2) Click to close image, click and drag to move. Something in the update has broken highslide.

Next, change the header.php file in your WordPress theme and include the following lines of code just before the line.  Obviously, change the to your site.

Save those I also have some new issues with the old installations which have only occured in upgrades..they were fine before… #3 | Written by Brenda on March 30, 2009. Skip to toolbar About WordPress About WordPress Documentation Support Forums Feedback Search Log In current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to Kind of bizarre. #10 | Written by Scarlett on May 3, 2009.

However I will escalate this issue to the next level support to check for their opinion about this case. Sorry about that. #20 | Written by SKunder on October 11, 2009. I'd tried to integrate Highslide with NextGen in WP several times and was so frustrated. go to this web-site It looks like your highslide files (ie.

Hi Travis Actually they were in the right directory (the highslide one). Please read the first paragraph of this issue tread. yea i messed something up but I fixed that error i'll leave the site alone until we can figure out the highslide problem thanks! #30 | Written by AJ on January Do you know where I would look to correct this so it doesn't take the user away from the current page?

However, the support in NextGen Gallery will only get the basic functions of Highslide to work. Dutch translated NexGen strings do not show up when dutch language is selected. Edit the highslide.css and make the same changes to the graphics directory paths so that it can find the graphics.   I had to make the change five times and replaced the I added this line to the k2-hook-up (plugin) header portion: Didn't seem to work!

Check the post again. What specifically did Hillary Clinton say or do, to seem untrustworthy to Americans? The settings for the controlbar in your config file contains codes that needs custom CSS from the Editor. Somehow I broke the page, but it's going again.

By the way, has anyone had the issue of image title not showing up in Safari/IE, just FF? mkonthecoast @mkonthecoast 7 years, 3 months ago Hi Alex, Thanks for posting this. The settings for the controlbar in your config file contains codes that needs custom CSS from the Editor. Translations by ICanLocalize About WPML WordPress Developer and Support Jobs Short link to this page Skip to content Board index FAQ Register Login View unanswered posts View active topics It is

WordPress Highslide integration with a Nextgen Gallery : The following assumes that NextGen Gallery is already installed. Follow @GuySimplify Have you taken the WordPress 2016 Survey yet? Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

ItÔÇÖs important to not mix files from the two different zip files (the zip from the download page and the zip from the Editor) to avoid things like this.

If you want to use rounded-black.png you can replace the existing hs.outlineType like this in your config file:Code: Select allhs.outlineType = 'rounded-black';You will also get problems with the controlbar because the highslide.config.js highslide.css Edit the highslide.config.js file and change the hs.GraphicDir so that it can find your graphics.  In my case, I changed it to

hs.graphicsDir = ‘'; Also, make sure you Sorry, I discovered a syntax error on my end 😉 #11 | Written by Jennifer Johannesen on September 30, 2009. Do they affect credit score?

But wish you could get the Highslide Thumbnail Viewer to work with it?  Here's how I accomplished it. Use arrow keys for next and previous. – from US to NL – Klik om te sluiten, klik en sleep om te verplaatsen. I had to change ‘highslide-full.js' to ‘highslide-full.packed.js' in my header.php! click site Check out the new tutorial!

Do you like the WordPress plugin NextGen Gallery?

Highslide is even supported by NextGen Gallery. Other names may also be ™ by their respective owners. I can doe the translations in WPML and save them but the don't show up on my website. It only occurs in the NextGen part of my website.

Shortcode format: [ singlepic id=X w=X h=X mode=web20|watermark float=left|right ] without space before/after brackets. "web20" adds a reflection effect and "watermark" adds a watermark as defined in the settings. Remove highslide-with-gallery.js and use only highslide-full.js.Important! The things I changed are: In js/ngg.js: // add shutter-listeners again //shutterReloaded.init('sh'); FancyBoxReload(); // So that it will load fancybox after updating I also included fancyboxconf.js so that fancybox loads after mymairs @mymairs 2 years, 2 months ago Hi, I Googled the problem and found a few people had said that the Highslide seems to work even when the other effect did

What is the differences between && and | in bash script? Let me know if that fixes it. #5 | Written by Brenda on April 2, 2009. ItÔÇÖs important to not mix files from the two different zip files (the zip from the download page and the zip from the Editor) to avoid things like this.Thank you so I looked at my past problems and the solutions, and also applied those.

The NextGEN basic slideshow comes with a wide array of settings covering slideshow size, transition style, transition speed, slideshow controls, and other elements. Shortcode format: [ slideshow id=X w=X h=X ] without space before/after Highslide, NextGen, Wordpress none Comments (85) Trackbacks (1) Trackback #1 | Written by Jennifer on February 2, 2009. Requires third party plugin here. This is a example of what can be done with add-on plugins. The code you posted works but there's one thing I would like to adjust.

The highslide.config.js file must be placed after the highslide-full.js file.Your highslide.config.js file doesnÔÇÖt exist on your server.