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Microstation 2004 Not Working


For more informaiton, please read the following: Best Regards, ~Inga Pick the tool. DHTML Control load/create error word processor MicroStation Text Editor Share History More Cancel Created by Andrew Bell When: Wed, Jul 17 2013 5:47 AM Last revision by Andrew Bell When: Fri, Trying to get the ACADPAN.mdl app to load so i can pan using the middle mouse button but after loading it, nothing. Darrell Cancel Jeff Marker Mon, Jun 8 2009 6:29 PM You could also try installing the DHTML control straight from Microsoft, although it's unlikely that this would change anything from installing

the text editor window will not allow text to be entered using the word processor text editor style. Cancel

^ Go to first post Communities Home Getting Started Community Central Products Support Secure File Upload Feedback Support and Services Home Product Support Downloads User Management Licensing Manager Adjust the settings. our company wants all windows 7 and 64 bit computers.

Microstation V8i Text Editor Not Working

For some reason the text editor seems to be disabled. Cancel darrell torres Mon, Jun 8 2009 4:37 PM In reply to Jeff Marker: Thanks Jeff..... Setting the editor, if not already assigned,to Word processor should resolve the issue. /Rob CADMinistrator word processor MicroStation 2004 Editon workspace Preferences Text Editor Cancel darrell torres Mon, May 25 Darrell darrell torres Sun, May 24 2009 6:03 PM Cancel 6 Replies (Most Recent Reply) Jon Summers Sun, May 24 2009 11:10 PM Darrell: I installed MicroStation v8 2004 Edition

It adds extra edit handles when I double click the text. The text editor uses the HTML editor provided by Internet Explorer 6, which is not by default available on Windows Vista. If you are using a newer version of Windows or Internet Explorer than what each version of MicroStation has been certified with then you could be having issues with the Word Text Editor Not Working In Microstation V8 MicroStation V8i, MicroStationV8 XM Edition, MicroStationV8 2004 Edition, etc.)can be opened in other MicroStation V8 releases.

Set it to either 'Dialog Box' or 'Word Processor' for the desired editing mode, Close the Preferences dialog box. Option 5 Thisissue may also be occurring due to the installation ofa newer version of Internet Explorer with a version of Microstation older than Select Series 1.. If the install is new, you might need to remap the buttons. I have been working withXM for so long I forgotthat the view attributes dialog box needs to have the "apply" button 'picked' to enable the attribute.

Thank you problem-k.dgn JDJV8 Mon, Mar 29 2010 4:52 PM Cancel 3 Replies (Most Recent Reply) Phil Chouinard Mon, Mar 29 2010 6:48 PM Hmmm... Microstation Text Editor Not Working Darrell Cancel Jeff Marker Tue, May 26 2009 12:27 PM For what it's worth, some text cannot be edited with the dialog box editor, so you may still hit this problem I ended up copying the elements into another file. If Windows 7 has been recently installed (with Internet Explorer 8 or higher), and you are using a version of Microstation earlier than Select Series 1, it is recommended that you

Microstation Text Editor Word Processor

Bentley - Software Fulfillment Option2 The latest versions of MicroStation V8i now scan for the Prerequisitesduring installation. Even newly inserted text will not edit using double click. Microstation V8i Text Editor Not Working Edit/Update: If you're working with a DGN file, you can convert shared to non-shared cells by using the Drop Element tool, turn on Shared Cells and set the option to To Cannot Edit Text In Microstation V8 The following error message may be displayed when trying to edit text.

Cancel text editor box not working setting up microstation v. on 64 bit windows 7 computer. Follow the prompts. Original Author: Andrew Bell See Also Product TechNotes and FAQs External Links Bentley Technical Support KnowledgeBase Bentley LEARN Server Other Language sources: Français Comments or Corrections? THANK YOU! Microstation Word Processor Not Working

Eg. Cancel Not Answered Microstation 2004 edition .GetContents() not working In c# coding Fence fence = ustn.ActiveDesignFile.Fence; fence.Undefine(); MicroStationDGN.ShapeElement shape = ustn.CreateShapeElement1(null, ref fencePts1, MsdFillMode.msdFillModeNotFilled); _Element eleshape = (_Element)shape; fence.DefineFromElement(view1, eleshape); ElementEnumerator I just have to remember where I am. For some reason, it didn't resolve the situation I had.

Thank you, Matt Cancel Inga Morozoff Mon, Nov 22 2010 6:54 PM In reply to mwalser: I'm fairly certain there isn't a setting to enable/disable the double-click feature to edit text. I took your advice and set it to Dialog Box. Microstation Geopak Win 7 Enterprise 64bit 8 GB Robert Watson Thu, Dec 16 2010 10:44 PM Cancel 4 Replies (Most Recent Reply) Jon Summers Thu, Dec 16 2010

I was showed how to fix this issue in the past on others 64 bit window 7 computers of ours but I don't remember how.

I was just checking the box thinking I had enabled the Dynamicsattribute. Also, I assume that you mean MicroStation V8 XM Edition by "XM" and MicroStation V8 2004 Edition by "V8"? Best Regards, ~Inga Pick the tool. Mogwai Thu, Jan 21 2010 10:59 AM Cancel 2 Replies (Most Recent Reply) Phil Chouinard Thu, Jan 21 2010 11:11 AM There have been other discussions about downloading and installing

I am thinking it is some kind of setting somewhere. Martin: Does the middle button issue a tentative snap or do you need to use the two button chord? Thank You Tom text microstation v8 2004 edition linestyle zoom scale MicroStation V8 Text Node mdlapps Text Attributes CAD Bentley Microstation V8 2004 Text to Node Text Editor MicroStation V8 2004 But when I try to use the Word Processor it opens with a white box with no edit space.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? I just fixed a Windows 7 PC with this error by downloading and installing IE 10. What do I need to do to fix this issue? Cancel Answer Suggested [V8 2004] ACADPAN does not work Microstation V8 2004 edition on a Windows 7 Professional (service pack 1) on a 64 bit OS I work with Microstation 2004

This has fixed my problem, I'm back up and running like normal again. Try modifying the active font (e.g. MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 4 (English) ReadMe MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 2 (English) ReadMe SELECT customers can download the latest versions from the SoftwareFulfillment page within the Personal or Enterprise Portals. This was delivered with earlier versions of Windows but not with the super-dooper Windows7.

Also my microstation locks up and then I have to close out. Cancel

^ Go to first post Communities Home Getting Started Community Central Products Support Secure File Upload Feedback Support and Services Home Product Support Downloads User Management Licensing Manager The DHTML Editor module was present, but not working with whatever old IE was on that PC. Cancel

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Then chooseFile->Save Settings. I can use the tool buttons, but I cannot do double click. I copied all the original Bentley files from another (working) PC I was using. Do i need to enter another command similar "reinit" for Autocad to get the MDL app to work?

Can someone please help. Cancel caddcop Wed, Jul 3 2013 12:51 AM In reply to George A.