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Misoprostol Not Working


I would say that for me, the pain was pretty bad, but not as bad as actual labor--about the level of pain right before it got really bad. I wasn't prescribed any pain medication. I appreciate any advice or experiences. Report0 Reply LexiSophie55 member November 2011 I took cytotec 13 days ago.

I'll have an ultrasound Monday to check everything but hopefully it's all over. it sounded like a better option to me because it wasn't invasive, there was no surgery, and i didn't have to be under any anesthesia. It was our 4th pregnancy loss and we were now at the local fertility clinic and were supervised daily by an RE – this made a world of difference for us, nothing.

How Long Does It Take Misoprostol To Work For Miscarriage

Report0 Reply BarooGirl member November 2011 LexiSophie55: Baroo - I haven't said this yet - I'm very sorry to see you here. I told her I wanted to wait til the weekend to do another dose so I wouldn't have to miss another day of work and she said that it is fine I felt that going through this process naturally would help everything sink in, solidify, and then we can begin to move forward. Turns out I still had a lot of tissue and my dr gave me this med.

All in all, i would say that my experience was pretty positive, just that heavy craming for a few hours was the worst of it. around 5pm sunday afternoon most cramping and heavy bleeding had stopped, but nothing was moving. I have no idea what to expect. If Cytotec Doesn't Work For Miscarriage I inserted 4 pills v____ally on August 22, 2008 at 10pm.

It hasn't been working for me either. What To Do If Misoprostol Doesn't Work I feel like the pain is going to be what will help with starting some closure. Also, were you spotting when you took the pills? needless to say i slept in another bed for fear of bleeding all over my bf.

Please explain briefly or provide a link to support your nomination. Took Misoprostol But Nothing Happened I suggest reading this blog post from A Calm Persistence and this blog post from Laughs N' Love to read the experience of a more normal misoprostol experience. But I have not bled. When I woke up around 6 am, there were still some bleeding and some clot.

What To Do If Misoprostol Doesn't Work

they did an HCG check 1 week after the miscarriage, my levels dropped to 75. I am so thankful for a decent experience once it actually worked. How Long Does It Take Misoprostol To Work For Miscarriage Want to comment? Misoprostol Not Working After 24 Hours Good luck.

The first time I miscarried I took cytotec vaginally and started cramping and bleeding within 4-6 hours. Worried about scarring and trying to conceive again. The physical aspects of the miscarriage are over and done with, so I can move onto the emotional healing. i wouldve liked to have avoided the surgery, but mentally the past week and a half has been very difficult. Cytotec Not Working For Induction

it helps me to hear that i am not alone with this. I laid on the couch for 41/2 hours and cramped a little. the kids start back to school officially on the 25th. This is just sheer irresponsibility!

So I'm still missing that closure, but will find out tomorrow if I need a D & C to finish the job. How To Know If Misoprostol Worked could not be purchased over the counter. Hopefully, I pa__sed out everything. ADD A COMMENT:You must be logged in to post.

I was told i might bleed for 1-2 weeks.

But I never cramped. You're not alone. I ended up having this done once a week for the next 3 weeks, and I became much better at managing the pain and did not require pain medication to help Misoprostol Second Dose Not Working I didn't have any pain killers so i took extra strength tyenol (get something stronger prescriped to you). 6 hours after the insertion I was in tremendous pain (i was in

All rights reserved. I had high fever and diarrhea but otherwise nothing! Next Discussion » From: MissAshley08 Posted: Jan-19 03:34 PM (1 of 8) I lost my baby at 10 weeks, but the baby was only around 9 weeks. While the initial decision was made for financial reasons, I was glad that I was able to experience this at home and not have to go through a more invasive procedure.

At 11 am I took two more Tylenol and started to have light bleeding. Thank you for sharing your experience as I think having more voices to read and consider will help anyone faced with this situation. So incredibly true! With the pm dose I remember a couple of really strong cramps and the bleeding picked up slightly for about 30 minutes.

So, the doctor recommended i take misoprostol to avoid a d&c. I would do it this way again, though, and try misoprostol/cytotec first. I took the second two 200 mcg tablets approximately 12 hours later, and, other than a slightly queasy feeling, I didn't feel much. I tried to avoid a d and c.

The mesoprostal didn't do anything fir me. I took it orally the first two times but vaginally the third. I dont want another d&c either. Asked 12 Sep 2013 by DesperateHWPK Active 30 Mar 2014 Topics abortion, misoprostol, mouth, bleeding Details: I'm 5wks along and I used misoprostol vaginally as well as by mouth but it

So, if we were to try again and end up in a miscarriage situation again, I will likely take the misoprostol and hope that it works properly and that my body My pregnancy symptoms had started to slowly disappear the few days prior (except some aversions to food), but since I was nearing 12 weeks, I had no worries. now it's a waiting game...waiting for my hcg levels to go to zero, waiting for my cycles to resume so we can start trying again. permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply[–]ragtagkittycat[S] 3 points4 points5 points 2 months ago(0 children)Thanks for your response.

Twelve hours later, I passed what i thought was the gestational sac. I hope it works for you and you don't end up needing the d&c. Consult with your medical professional to determine the best course of action for your unique circumstances. I am to take them orally - four for the first dose - and then one every six hours for three more doses.

But then the sac came out the next day and the follow up ultrasound showed it was gone. i am trying to think positive deleted_user I took misopristol twice for one pregnancy and it didn't work either of the times for me to pass all the tissue. I don't understand why it won't work with me.