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Monopoly Iphone Not Working


If you can't do similarly, don't blame the dice: blame your strategy. IOS 10 Fix? The AIs TWICE landed on Go and TWICE (each!) rolled 11, skipping straight past all my properties. So this will only ever be useful for me if I have a friend over and we want to play without having to do all the tedious math involved with the have a peek here

I've tried multiple wifi networks and get the same thing with all. Welcome to the CrackBerry Forums Create Your Account or Ask a Question Answers in 5 minutes - no registration required! I didn't give it 5 stars because of little things like the buttons being kind of small. on 2016/11/08 00:02 This is a PAID app.

Monopoly Wifi Game Not Working

Never waste money on utilities and always buy railroads. That's just sad. This means that when the AI has initiated a trade with you, you cannot see what the other AIs have, thus locking you out of a lot of strategic decision-making. Then there is the crash issues.

by HutchGS on 2016/11/04 02:17 Thank you, EA, for the update to this great game that corrected the damage done by IOS 10. This issue has made it so that I don't even feel like it is worth the 99 cents I paid for it. Got one of each color (except for the orange.) Stopping the AI to build their houses. Monopoly Bluetooth Unable To Connect I'LL GIVE THIS GAME A GOOD REVIEW WHEN IT STOPS BEING SUCH A SHAMELESS CHEATER.

Regarding trades, the computers are often willing to give me a monopoly if I just pay them enough, and they seem to value railroads and utility companies quite a bit even on 2016/11/02 01:54 I just bought the game and i cant even play it. With overwhelming consistency you will regularly land on the worst properties and the computers will regularly skip your properties. i thought about this It seems to think I'm not connected to Wifi.

You can do this by letting it overextend itself. How To Play Monopoly With Friends On Iphone You need to stay on EA Help until you are helped there. Report Message 5 of 30 (7,424 Views) Reply 1 Can't change house rules in Monopoly Options Mark as New Satisfied Customer by Purchase70 on 2016/11/09 21:01 NO problems Fixes for new iPads by Castroville on 2016/11/09 18:37 Love this game and the new update fixes it so it will work By the time we log back on, we find Artificially Intelligent players (basically automatic players - sort of like playing against the iPad) have automatically taken both our places, we're broke,

Monopoly Bluetooth Not Working

Terrible AI by Texmaniii on 2016/11/05 02:41 If you enjoy the computer never landing on your monopolies and you landing on theirs. internet Nope. Monopoly Wifi Game Not Working Fix it by Sharonekc on 2016/11/02 04:31 Game no longer works. Monopoly Bluetooth Iphone What's going on!?

The computer A.I is a fun diversion, but can get old pretty fast. navigate here Happy by Pebbles3124 on 2016/11/05 22:16 I am sooooo happy you all fixed this game !!!!!!!!! Use to be fun when it worked in landscape mode. Other than AI trading, why would there be a difficulty setting when the rest of the game is chance? Monopoly App Not Working

No other property can say this. Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Anyways, I apologize if I sound rude or disrespectful, I'm a big fan of the game, just not of the constant annoying ads that I paid to get rid of-yet, that I like layout, the trading, the property management and so on.

It’s “GO” time! Monopoly App Bluetooth Not Working Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Can play with house rules and alter through different starting characters, it keeps crashing and won't load landscape and it you try to alter it it will not show the full

I have never have issues with favoritism or with randomization as is mentioned below.

Do not download this game. All you see is the upper right quadrant when you open. Practice, and not even all that much of it, makes perfect. 5 for Human to Human play, 0 for AI by Gusschultz on 2014/03/03 16:58 For multi person play, this is Monopoly Bluetooth Game Not Working Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.

by DjFluffy1 on 2016/11/02 19:49 Fix the game so we can play it whats so hard to fix it. Ok I can see this scenario happening once by incredible luck. The odds of anyone person always landing on the negative cards and not being able to pass "GO" and the ai always getting payouts and not landing on another players property this contact form So far I am 15 games in and have won 10 times (and I play at the hardest setting, so I don't think this is so bad.

Or is it via Game Centre?Click to expand... All these features just seem like a waste of space. I love it. If you get a game that you can beat every time you play, you get tired of it.

for finally fixing this game🤗. Green check mark doesn't work please fix ASAP!!!!! Published: 4 weeks ago Thumper171 reply WORST GAME EVER This is the worst app Ive ever played it doesnt even work Published: 4 weeks ago Unicornpooface27 reply « 1 2 3 After loading, it only appears on half the screen and I can't even play the dang thing...

Makes Jesus weep how bad it is by BadBadAppDaddy on 2016/10/23 01:30 USed to be fun but new updates won't play on the Pro. I thought I was having bad luck, but apparently other reviews have pointed out the cheating AI. We all paid for a game to enjoy and waste our time and money on.